EW count update

OK the poll thus far is overwhelmingly in favor of me continuing my counts, I guess you can’t please all the people all the time.  Here’s a count I haven’t seen anywhere else, and it is a very bullish count.  Now, with the commodities melting down this might seem a bit of a reach, but none of the commodities have broken bull market support level as Springhill Jack noted in an email to me this morning. You guys should be checking his blog daily!  Anyway, here’s an alternative count:  Just as wave 1 of (1) of P[3] started with a leading diagonal, might 1 of (3) be following suit?  If so after the next leg up, we should see a very deep, 78.6% retracement of the move up from1294 for wave 2, that will be followed by an equally violent move up in 3 of (3).

The chart below illustrates FIVE different possible counts that I’m considering, what say you, which is your favorite, or do you favor another, such as the P3 down count?

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