I appreciate the support of all you subscribers.  Some have stated that they would like to show their appreciation beyond their subscription fee in the way of Christmas bonuses. For those who would like to show their appreciation for the incredible year we’ve had (returns up over 69%! since we starting logging trades real time in March), then follow the subscription link to the right under Blogroll and there you will find a variety of “Thank You” bonus options.  We have a very disparate investing group here, there should be an option for everyone.  Thanks for your continued support.  The subscription base has grown each month, and I’d of course love to see that continue.  Tell your friends, so we can continue to maintain the low cost.  Ask yourself, is there a comparable site anywhere out there?

About alphahorn

I received an MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business in New York and am a Wall Street veteran. I’ve worked for a number of investment banks including Smith Barney and First Boston/C S First Boston in New York. Over the years, I have developed my own Proprietary Swing System and I combine that System with my own Elliott Wave Analysis to trade.
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  1. Bill says:

    Hi Alphahorn,
    I can’t tell you how your site has helped me solidify my trading. As I stated in my post earlier (12/20/11), your call for a direction change this week really put me and my equity curve into hyper-space. With today’s nice run, I have closed out my positions and am taking some time off for the holidays. As a token of my appreciation, you will find that I have contributed to your Bonus program. I should add that I upped the ante on the Bonus amount as a special thanks for making this week an unexpected big winner for me! I hope the amount I have chosen adequately conveys my appreciation of your efforts that are benefiting us all. I look forward to next year and more opportunities to share my success with you and indirectly with those others on this site that have benefited the way that I have.
    I wish you, your family, and all my fellow Alphahorn members a Merry Christmas!

  2. alphahorn says:

    much appreciated, thanks bill, and check your email- I’m sending a token of my appreciation to all those who give a thank you bonus

  3. I’ve been thinking about a Christmas present for myself. This morning my pal Jack (of the Springheel variety) spoke very highly of this is site and the results so…PERFECT…a trial subscription for Christmas. Looking forward to learning about Alphahorn.

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