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Subscription Options are listed below, please note: These subscriptions AUTOMATICALLY RENEW, but lock in your rate and you will not be subject to price increases in the future unless you allow your subscription to lapse.  Because it is a renewing subscription it is up to each subscriber to opt out via paypal should they choose to terminate their subscription.  This is the case for every option: quarterly, yearly or monthly.  Each of these subscriptions follows the 11 indexes: SPX, DOW, Nasdaq, RUSSELL, Financials, Real Estate, Energy, Semiconductors, Gold, Silver and Miners.   

Institutional Price:  $1,000/month per office/location

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Option 1 a recurring quarterly – 3-month option billed $495 per quarter a $30 savings off the monthly rate. Alphahorn Quarterly Subscription Link   

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Option 3 is a recurring monthly subscription billed at $175/month with access to the 11 indexes listed above. Alphahorn Monthly Subscription Link

We have been posting our trades since 2011 and have recorded annual returns of 77%, 31%, 62%, .02%, 3.6% and 32%.  We consistently outperform many of the top money managers and hedge funds.

You can check out our Alphahorn Swing System examples by clicking on the tab above.  You can check out the progression of our Elliott Wave count by clicking on the Big Picture Wave Count and see how we correctly called this bull market from 2011.  And you can read what subscribers say about their experience by clicking on the Alpha Testimonials tab, here a snapshot of what you’ll find there:

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lakeozonia1 says:  August 18, 2017 at 9:40 am

I’ve been a member for 3 years now, in that time, alphahorn has outperformed everyone of my other three trading services. As a member, you won’t find handholding or emotional support here as some services provide, but what you will receive are swing trade advice that is unparallel, bold, and more often than not….counter intuitive to “what everyone else” is doing. Personally, i frequently have difficultly taking a full position based on many of his calls, due to the nature of the trade being in direct conflict with what the main stream are saying. Word of advise from a experienced member….after one receives a trade alert, just login to your account and make the trade as fast as possible….you will be amazed with the results and even more amazed at how successful a trader you can become with this guy in your corner.

Hi alphahorn
Another great year up 40 percent with 2 months to go.
Great calls in November on Bib and cash for qld.
Thanks for expertise.

Hello Alphahorn,
You’re the BEST! I’ve never seen anyone else that comes close. I’m sticking pretty closely to the system and am up over 40% and we’re not even halfway through July. Thanks for another great year and a fantastic 5 year return!!

Chris says: July 10, 2016 at 10:25 am

hi Alphahorn, +25 % ya baby great  work that you  chris

 Bob S 

your the best I’ve ever seen wish I would have found you earlier.

Bill L

Some unbelievable calls … Keep up the extraordinary work


New to your work. Subscribed and watched for about 6 months. Your system is amazing. Just recently took my first two trades with these signals. Profitable, sensible, low risk, its a pleasure to have found such common sense simple triggers to such complex issues. I’ll be around a long time.

Robert K:

Having found your site a year or so ago, I have been amazed at your ability and, more importantly, discipline to stick with the system through turbulent times and of course, let profits run….which has been my greatest shortcoming.

Springhill Jack author of the excellent blog Channels and Patterns  wrote on 12/19/13:

Alphahorn’s model portfolio moved back into longs near the low last week as Alphahorn tries to beat his 2011 model portfolio return of 75%, though we’ll need a strong move into the end of the year to put him over the top for that as I think he’s only at 65% or so at the moment… Alphahorn suggested an intriguing possibility in a note to his members half an hour before the Fed announcement yesterday and that was that the retracement pattern on SPX might be a falling wedge. The post Fed low almost made it to wedge support and then it broke up to make target shortly afterwords… that was some really slick classical chartwork from Alphahorn that brightened my day.

skih  says: 10/17/13:

A congratulatory word of thanks. I’ve only been around a year and quite frankly your work is stunning. I’m here to learn and I’ve profited. Next goal to invest in each or your sector trades. I’ve had my girlfriend and my son join. Working on my daughter now to do the same. Thanks your work is impressive to benefit from and watch and learn.

Springhill Jack author of the excellent blog Channels and Patterns  wrote on 9/16/13:

“The last SPX chart for today is the SPX weekly chart from 2009 against the NYMO. I generally follow the daily but a friend of mine posted a look at this over the weekend and the track record of seeing divergences on the weekly NYMO at significant highs and lows is stronger than I expected, and I’ll be adding this chart to my main daily NYMO chart that I look at for trend reversals. That friend is Alphahorn who runs an excellent subscription service using a mix of momentum and reversal indicators and EW with a model portfolio up 53% so far this year, against 31% in 2012 and 75% in 2011. Very impressive work from one of my favorite chartist.

NOTE: The 10th of the month is an important date. All monthly subscriptions purchased on or before the 10th are treated as a full month. Purchases after the 10th are treated as occurring on the first day of the following month. Therefore, a subscription purchased on the 9th of July ends September 30. But, a subscription purchased on the 11th of July expires October 31st. Subscribers get access to the one of the best educational newsletters available. Subscribers get nightly (Monday-Thursday), weekend and occasional intra-day summaries of the stock market. Proprietary signals: Buy or Sell for 8 indexes: SPX, DOW, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, FINANCIALS, REAL ESTATE, ENERGY, and GOLD.

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Wednesday Update: Up 33% YTD

Not much to report tonight. The Alphahorn Swing System continues on buy/long Signals for equities and sell/short Signals for precious metals and miners. The Portfolio remains long precious metals and miners. Silver is right at key resistance. A gap up and hold over the red/green indicator will be very bullish for the next big run up. I made a mistake on the exit price for QLD last night; I entered a price way below yesterday’s exit price. It has been corrected. And, now reflects our proper YTD performance of +33%

No change for the wave count. Still looking for a minor wave 1 of (5) high confirmation. The more bearish scenario is also depicted since we don’t know yet the degree of the waves up. The depth of the coming pullback will clarify the count. Once again if you missed the Thanksgiving Updates I go into greater detail as to why I prefer minor wave 1 of (5) rather than all of (5).

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Monday Update

The Portfolio is now up 29% YTD and not including taxes it’s value has appreciated 10 fold since inception January 2011. Ten years every trade posted.

The Real Estate Sector did not confirm its sell/short Signal today, that Alert remains and needs an IYR close below $83.76 to confirm the Signal. Otherwise equities remain on long/buy Signals and precious metals and miners on sell/short Signals. In spite of the long/buy Signals, the Portfolio moved predominately to cash as the first five waves up from the intermediate wave low seem to have completed today (more down below with the wave count). On the other hand, we are seeing green shoots among the precious metals and miners. And, as I noted yesterday we were seeing money rolling into the miners, royalty and streaming companies. So, I believe the pullback for this sector might finally be over. The pullback was deeper than I expected, but I think these drawdowns will be quickly erased.

The wave count continues as expected. The break up from the intermediate wave (4) triangle took place as projected yesterday. Since we have five waves up we have to respect the possibility that the degree of these waves is enough to complete primary wave [1]. For reasons I posted over the weekend, I don’t believe this is THE TOP, but just the minor wave 1 of (5) of [5] high. The depth of the anticipating pullback will shed some light. For now, with our 25% annual hurdle booked I continue to trade conservatively. Absent taxes, the Portfolio has appreciated in value 10 fold in 10 years, not too shabby, that’s a CAGR of over 26%.

The daily chart still shows the ultra bullish blue count. I’ll show it on the daily as long as it remains viable, although I believe it is a much lower probability.

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Thanksgiving Update Part 2: The SPX

I believe we have reached a key inflection point for the major equity indexes. There has been a tremendous recovery since the Spring sell-off. The markets have reached over bought levels and a much needed pullback should be seen in the relatively near future. The depth of that retracement could be anywhere from significant to devastating. The bullish scenario is shown below. This wave count labels the Spring sell-off as the completion of Cycle Wave 2 and the SPX is now in what should be a impulsive Cycle Wave 3 fueled by hyperinflation of assets. In this scenario primary wave [1] of Cycle Wave 3 is about to top and should be followed by a 38.2%-61.8% retracement of primary wave [1] in primary wave [2] of Cycle 3. As I noted back in April for both the international indexes

and for domestic indexes in way back in March

the domestic and leading international indexes had retraced enough to satisfy the requirements for Cycle Wave 2 pullbacks pretty much across the board in the Spring. So, this more bullish scenario that those lows will not be taken out in any coming pullback is a very likely outcome.

On the other hand, many are looking for a major deflationary event that will preceed the hyperinflationary impact of central bank action. This could happen in the blink of an eye as dramatic pullbacks often do. This extremely bearish wave count is that the Spring pullback although deep was merely primary wave [4] of Cycle Wave 1 and the recent highs are primary wave [5] and Cycle Wave 1. Compared to the bullish scenario above, the coming correction in Cycle Wave 2 in this count will be far greater and more devasting.

In conclusion, the way I read the charts a significant top is forthcoming for equities. The timing of that top is anywhere from immediate to near term (a month or two). What follows will at first look to be pretty rapid and potentially devasting to many longs particularly those on margin. The passive investment vehicles could very well be a catalyst or more correctly fuel for the fire and the rapid nature of the sell-off. As always, this is not investment advice. Everyone should consult with a financial planner before investing even a dime in these crazy markets.

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Happy Thanksgiving! Mega Chart Day Update 1 – The Nasdaq

I’ve been up since about 3:30 looking at charts and doing a deep dive and here’s what I’ve found. I’m starting with a look at the way over bought Nasdaq. I have two wave count options for the Nasdaq. Both counts have the Nasdaq in intermediate wave (5) of primary wave [1]. The blue count seems to be backed up best my the NASI and NAAD charts that I’ll post down below. The blue count is that the Nasdaq is in minor wave 3 of (5), which is subdividing into five minute waves and it might be in [iii] of 3 at this time. The red count is that the COMPQ is forming an ending diagonal. Since minor wave 5 must be shorter than minor wave 3, this count is on a short leash and will be quickly differentiated from the blue count in the coming days.

While the daily chart below shows some mounting negative divergence that we must respect, the NASI and NAAD charts down below sugggest the top is still down the road a bit.

The NASI renko chart below has been a great leading indicator. The COMPQ price is the shaded area, the vertical red lines mark previous tops. As you can see, I have developed my indicators to be leading not trailing and we almost always see negative divergence and roll over of indicators from over bought to over sold ahead of price decline.

The Nasdaq Advance – Decline is also a nice leading indicator and historically builds negative divergence ahead of price. As you can see from both the NASI and NAAD, we should see a bit more upside before “the top” in the Nasdaq, perhaps more in line with the blue count.

In conclusion, we are nearing the top of an unprecedented run for the Nasdaq and a much needed cooling off period appears to be in the relatively near future. The blue count shown up top appears to be better supported than a top in the next couple of days. Perhaps after a bit of a Santa rally we see the top before the end of the year or just into 2021. As always, this is not financial advise. Everyone should seek the advise of their financial planner before investing a single dime in these crazy markets.

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