Sample Weekend, Daily and Intra-day Updates

Here are examples of what subscribers see.  You will see an unusual type of chart that is developed from my programmed signals.  There is a tutorial tab that explains how to read and how to implement a trading strategy based upon the information the disparate index charts contain.  After you peruse this information, should you believe your trading could benefit from a subscription to this blog, then we invite you to sign up today:

Weekend update from 9/21/2013.  These are typically a bit more comprehensive than the daily updates.  The weekend updates usually have an extra chart or two and contain a bit more of a big picture view of things:

Daily update from 9/19/13. I posted it because it was the last daily update I’ve done.  This is as brief as they get, often times there is a bit more information should an inflection point be approaching or a change in trend has occurred:

Intra-day update from 9/10/13. Intra-day updates are very brief, either a chart showing an inflection point has been reached or an update of position changes for the Portfolio :

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