Annual Subscription: Individual

$1,795.00 for 1 year

Individual Annual Subscription – save $185 off quarterly rate


Annual Subscription is a one time annual fee of $1,795, a $185 off the quarterly rate. This option does not automatically renew. It covers the same 8 indexes listed above. This option is subject to annual price increases.




We have been posting our trades since 2011 and have recorded annual returns of 77%, 31%, 62%, .02%, 3.6% and 32%.  We consistently outperform many of the top money managers and hedge funds.


We’ve been a public blog since 2011 and continue to have a loyal following.  Here are what some of our subscribers have to say about their experience:


Hello Alphahorn, You’re the BEST! I’ve never seen anyone else that comes close. I’m sticking pretty closely to the system and am up over 40% and we’re not even halfway through July. Thanks for another great year and a fantastic 5 year return!!


Bob S your the best I’ve ever seen wish I would have found you earlier.


Bill LSome unbelievable calls… Keep up the extraordinary work
BNew to your work. Subscribed and watched for about 6 months. Your system is amazing. Just recently took my first two trades with these signals. Profitable, sensible, low risk, its a pleasure to have found such common sense simple triggers to such complex issues. I’ll be around a long time.
Robert K: Having found your site a year or so ago, I have been amazed at your ability and, more importantly, discipline to stick with the system through turbulent times and of course, let profits run….which has been my greatest shortcoming.


NOTE: The 10th of the month is an important date. All monthly subscriptions purchased on or before the 10th are treated as a full month. Purchases after the 10th are treated as occurring on the first day of the following month. Therefore, a subscription purchased on the 9th of July ends September 30. But, a subscription purchased on the 11th of July expires October 31st. Subscribers get access to the one of the best educational newsletters available. Subscribers get nightly (Monday-Thursday), weekend and occasional intra-day summaries of the stock market. Proprietary signals: Buy or Sell for 8 indexes: SPX, DOW, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, FINANCIALS, REAL ESTATE, ENERGY, and GOLD.


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