Big Picture Count updated 2/12/2019

January 2019 update:  Looks like the equities will see one more leg up to finish the bull market that began in 2009.

December 2016:  We were about the only Elliott Wave technicians who properly called the high of primary wave [3] as not the end of the bull market.  We are now looking for new all time highs in 2017:spx-daily

June 2015:  We’ve been following primary wave [3] for some time, but we called the top at SPX 2134 for subscribers spring 2015.  Here’s the updated chart and you can scroll down to how it evolved for subscribers:spx daily

October 2014 update:  On February 10, 2013 I posted the following count:  My primary count holds that intermediate wave (3) is unfolding, and if correct, should take the indexes to new highs in 2013.

spx daily

On 8/5/2013 update:spx daily

Now 10/9/14:spx daily

My May update, 5/17/2013:spx daily

4 Responses to Big Picture Count updated 2/12/2019

  1. Pam Breedlove says:

    At what level did Primary Wave 3 begin on SPX? Thanks.

  2. alphahorn says:

    Primary wave [4] still hasn’t begun, but should before the fall 2014

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