Big Picture Count

11/26/2020 Update: Big Picture Count: Two Scenarios: Bearish and Bullish shown below.

We are at a key inflection point with the potential for a massive deflationary event. The bearish count below captures this scenario:

Should the coming pullback be contained, then there is the possibility for this bullish outcome

Big Picture Count August 2020

Intermediate wave (3) of primary wave [1] continues to melt up. Expect new all-time highs leading up to a Trump election. The market says, Trump will win, just as it did in 2016.

Big Picture Count March 2020

New big picture count is an expanded flat for Cycle 2. The bear market could end the week of 3/23/2020

As we predicted last year, the end of the Bull Market that began 3/3/09 has ended and Cycle Wave 2 is underway. Rough times lie ahead.

January 2019 update:  Looks like the equities will see one more leg up to finish the bull market that began in 2009.


December 2016:  We were about the only Elliott Wave technicians who properly called the high of primary wave [3] as not the end of the bull market.  We are now looking for new all time highs in 2017:

spx daily

June 2015:  We’ve been following primary wave [3] for some time, but we called the top at SPX 2134 for subscribers spring 2015.  Here’s the updated chart and you can scroll down to how it evolved for subscribers:

October 2014 update:  On February 10, 2013 I posted the following count:  My primary count holds that intermediate wave (3) is unfolding, and if correct, should take the indexes to new highs in 2013.

spx daily
spx daily

On 8/5/2013 update:

spx daily

Now 10/9/14:

spx daily

My May update, 5/17/2013:

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  1. Pam Breedlove says:

    At what level did Primary Wave 3 begin on SPX? Thanks.

      • Pam Breedlove says:

        Do you expect Primary Wave 4 to begin sometime around March 2014? If so, how much do you expect Primary Wave 4 to correct and how long would the full correction take?
        Thanks for your reply… I am still learning. Thank you.

  2. alphahorn says:

    Primary wave [4] still hasn’t begun, but should before the fall 2014

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