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Last Friday 3/18 I noted that I was rolling into longs and that all the indexes looked to be about to trigger LONG/BUY signals.  That evening 9 of the 10 indexes I followed did trigger BUYS and since then we have been able to move our stops up to ensure that all 9 plays are winners.

As far as the wave count is concerned.  On a macro level – see charts above- the channels made for some pretty EASY TRADING!  I have been posting these charts both publicly and privately for some time noting that the lower trendline should provide first line support, the second line support was the lower trendline off the 3/09 lows.  Those following the bearish bloggers, likely missed this easy play.  The next few months will answer the question as to whether the recent pullback was intermediate wave (2) of Primary wave [3] or was it minor wave 4 of intermediate wave (1) of Primary wave [3]?

On a micro level there are two possibilities for this new impulsive wave up.  Either minute wave (i) and (ii) have concluded and minute wave (iii) is underway to the next pivot level, or minute wave (i) is only just now concluding and we should see a couple days of pullback, which for many indexes will form right shoulders of inverse head and shoulders.  Those of you looking for a dramatic P3 implosion for the markets on the heels of the Mid-East news and the earthquake/tsunami in Japan will be disappointed I fear as the direction of the markets continues to be up. 

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