Bring on 2020. 2019 another great year at Portfolio value has grown from $100,000 at inception 12/2010, to just over $800,000 as we head into 2020.

If you’re looking for a dependable swing trading system, or the tools to help you manage your retirement account, or if you run or operate a hedge fund and are interested in what have been the most accurate Elliott Wave counts in the business combined with a proprietary swing system with proven algorithms to set long and short equity and commodity ETF trades, then you’ve found your home. Take a look around the site and the tutorials, read what our subscribers have said about our service and if you like what you see, then we invite you to join our community and subscribe

For subscribers, we completed another great year and we enter 2020 100% in cash. For 2019, our best performing indexes were Russell +37,689, Semiconductors +$26,734, Miners +$20,722, DOW +$20,309. A stubborn Energy long (against the System!) hurt us the most leading to that index being the biggest loser -$7,635 for the year. It seems every year I have one index that I stubbornly let ride against my System. There is no doubt we would have generated 30%+ returns had we followed the System for Energy. Nevertheless, 2019 was another profitable as the Portfolio grew in value by $170,447 bring its value to $801,486 as we head into 2020.

I’ve also been planning on rolling out a live futures trading room in 2020 one or two mornings a week. I’m going to begin by posting some trading session videos, then go live perhaps on facebook sometime this year. Stay tuned if you’re interested, I’ll probably add another tab for futures trading up top where I’ll place the links to the videos. Also, follow me on Twitter and I’ll tweet whenever a new video is up and on the status of the live trading room.

Above are the Alphahorn Swing System charts for the indexes we cover. All the equity indexes remain on long/buy Signals as we enter 2020. As you can see, with the exception of Real Estate which just emerged from it pullback, the remainder of the equity indexes are showing some weakness as they have printed a couple of red candles to end the year. This pullback fit perfectly with our favorite Elliott Wave count that was predicting softness for equities to end the year.

The 2hr and 30 min SPX charts above show the favorite wave count that minuette wave (v) of minute wave [v] of minor wave 3 should be underway to a new all time high for the SPX. Once complete, this will end minor wave 3 of intermediate wave (3) of primary wave (5). Next, we should see another, slightly deeper pullback in minor wave 4. So expect some chop as we head into the new year. Below is the Renko daily chart for the SPX with the bigger picture wave count

About alphahorn

I received an MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business in New York and am a Wall Street veteran. I’ve worked for a number of investment banks including Smith Barney and First Boston/C S First Boston in New York. Over the years, I have developed my own Proprietary Swing System and I combine that System with my own Elliott Wave Analysis to trade.
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