Intermediate wave (5) of primary wave [3] Bitcoin Price Projection

As promised, here is my Bitcoin price projection for intermediate wave (5) of primary wave [3]. Over the weekend, I posted my price projection for Ethereum, and as promised here is my projection for Bitcoin. As I noted in my Ethereum post, from the limited sample size we have thus far for cryptocurrencies, it seems that unlike equities where the third waves are typically the longest waves, in cryptos the fifth waves have been the more impulsive waves. My count for Bitcoin is that it is in primary wave [3] of Cycle Wave 1. Primary wave [1] peaked just under $20k back in December 2017. Just as we saw with Ethereum, Bitcoin had a much larger intermediate wave (5) of [1] than intermediate wave (3). For BTC, intermediate wave (5) was 6.277 times larger than intermediate wave (3) (roughly 18,100 vs 2,890). As we look now at primary wave [3], which began December 2018, intermediate wave (3) of [3] was the largest wave to date for Bitcoin at roughly 61,600 points. If the intermediate wave (4) low is in place as I’ve been making the case that it is at 28,800, then we can look at targets for (5) of [3] based upon either the fraction or multiple of the length of intermediate wave (3). Now, if this were an equity chart, then I would propose a fraction of (3), quite often 50% of (3). However, that would not even take BTC back to its intermediate wave (3) high. If intermediate wave (5) = (3), then we would see a top for primary wave [3] at roughly everyone’s 100K magical number. Yet, if we see a more impulsive fifth wave as we did in primary wave [1], then possible targets for intermediate wave (5) of [3] could be anywhere from $150,000 if (5) is twice the length of (3), to $215,000 if (5) is three times the length of (3) and if intermediate wave (5) of [6] is 6 times (3) as it was in primary wave [1], then the projected top would be just under $400,000. I wouldn’t expect this to play out quickly, not at first at least. Intermediate wave (5) will be comprised of five minor waves and I would expect the first 2 minor waves to take quite a bit of time to play out. But, once we get past minor wave 2, then we could expect an acceleration in price over time. I’ve consolidated my crypto blog into this my subscription site. To see other projections I’ve made for a variety of cryptocurrencies and how they played out, then visit

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